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California passed its gay marriage ban which is extremely fucking disappointing. We now have discrimination written into our state constitution. God. Fuck this state.

Everyone who had it up passed bans on gay marriage.

Yeah, a friend of mine flew to CA to canvass against Prop 8.  I haven't heard from him yet, but I'm going to a party at his house this weekend and I'm afraid it could be pretty gloomy.


--- Quote from: RottingCorpse on November 05, 2008, 09:42:52 AM ---That said, I still have my doubts about what he can get done, even with a Senate majority. (I haven't checked the Senate numbers yet this morning, but I doubt he got the filibuster proof sixty seats.)

--- End quote ---

Dems still have either 54 or 56, Republicans 40, with several states uncalled -- Franken lost by 500 votes and is getting, and asking for, an automatic recount.

EDIT: My experience is that Dems don't have the balls to swing around making room for their ideology.  If they had 60 members, or even 70 members, I can't see them -- as they currently are -- having the guts to use that tool.  Today's Dems would defect, hold their votes hostage, and bargain rather than stand united on practically any principle.  Maybe tomorrow's Dems will be different.

--- Quote from: rc ---And I hope they can keep him alive. That bulletproof glass in Grant Park last night was telling and maybe a sign of the times.

--- End quote ---

So were the mobs at the White House last night.  Funny, Obama might benefit from Bush's precedent-setting security paranoia.

Jesus, people, they can keep him alive.  Security is out of control these days... And secret service is going almost all black.  I was reading that the other day.  (This is a great time for fit, young black men and women interested in the secret service!)

Also kind of suspicious that I was reading that on Monday.  Like...they knew Obama was going to win with enough confidence to start hiring large numbers of black agents.  Hmmm...

But, yes, Obama will be safe.  I'm more worried about me!  Because when the Nazi-made truck bomb goes off at the White House gates while Obama is 1000 miles away, I'm in the blast zone.


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