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This will be the wrap up thread for this forum... Morning after discussion!

CNN hasn't yet declared MO, IN, and NC.... But it doesn't matter.  Obama's at 338 and 52% of the popular.  Which is beautiful. 

We should also note that everybody who had it on the ballot returned bans on gay marriage:  AZ, AR, CA, FL.  Conservatism did have a minor victory last night.

Obama is president. He was my guy throughout so I'm happy.

That said, I still have my doubts about what he can get done, even with a Senate majority. (I haven't checked the Senate numbers yet this morning, but I doubt he got the filibuster proof sixty seats.) After the speech last night, I worry less about Obama destroying the world, and I also worry about the average American citizen slipping into the old apathy.

And I hope they can keep him alive. That bulletproof glass in Grant Park last night was telling and maybe a sign of the times.


For anybody who thinks that because Obama won, all will be right in the world.

Oh, I never convinced myself that all of a sudden we'd live in a utopia. But if this is a real paradigm shift in the world culture, i think the right steps can be taken to START fixing a lot of the problems that are plaguing us.


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