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Who the fuck is still undecided? Do they live in a fucking cave?

Man, Mrs. RC's play was all about undecideds last night.

There have always been undecideds.  I'm one!  I've gone from Obama to Barr to McKinney and, still, I don't really know who I'm going to vote for when I get in there.  I might decide to go with The Mandate and hit Obama.

Undecided, Registered Democrat, voted for Bush in 2004, eyes really far apart... I'm going to go with fetal alcohol syndrome.

You weren't seriously on the McKinney bandwagon were you?

I think she's funny because she punches people.  That's my only reason for considering her.  Maybe she'll win and she'll dress up in African dress and punch Putin in the nuts.

In fact, if that were her campaign promise, I'd bet you'd consider her as well.

But, yes, as a politician she's horrific and the Green Party is retarded for nominating her.


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