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Power of books, man. I think subconsciously people understand that the digital written word is somehow susceptible to tampering and deletion.

Plus, books are personal items, far more than so than DVDS or CDs/Records/8-Tracks* etc. I just don't want to go back and read Stephen King's "Christine". I want to read *my* copy of "Christine".

(*I do accept that music moreso than movies have that personal attachment, but the album covers and media itself is still far less important than the actual music.)

For the first time in a very long time I succumbed to the hype and ordered The Martian: A Novel

It's a one hit self-published freakout that got picked up and reissued by a proper publisher, written by a software engineer who was just fucking around with an app he made:

It's one of those novels that everyone is talking about -- not just the sci-fi geeks, but it went cross genre the instant Crown picked it out of the sewage of self-published stuff.

It ships today! After the (still amazing Red Moon) I'll dive right in...


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