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Okay, a single thread to wrap up all the one off posts that dominate this forum.

Starting with:

From November through 2009, Baltimore is having a year-long Edgar Allan Poe celebration.

I'm especially interested in this one:

--- Quote ---March 27
Time TBA
Westminster Hall and Catacombs
Sample the wines mentioned in Poe's stories while enjoying the ambience of the Westminster catacombs. Witness Montressor luring Fortunado to a gruesome death in a theatrical performance of The Cask of Amontillado. Enjoy characters from Poe's stories as they mingle among the living.
Additional details to be announced.
--- End quote ---

wait...isn't November NaNoWriMo?

who wants to sign up with me and do it?  i know nacho's doing his "write one page then have a hard wank" a day.  i'm thinking now might be a better time than ever to write a novel in a month.  maybe i'll even just post it on GS as i go.  man, this could be kick ass.  it's not going to be coherent or streamlined, but i bet one of my notebook-ed ideas could provide me enough to hack out a 30,000 word novel in november.  i'll put a think on it. 

Please do post it on GS.

But I'm not going to join you.  I'm wanking to a page a day. 

odd how it sticks in my head now every year. 

"november?  It's NaNoWriMo.  ha ha, those twits!" 

*clicks on thanksgiving recipes*

"man, i should really write something.  it's been about 50 years since i abandoned my last novel 5/6ths of the way in."

*buys beer*

"I wonder if andrew secretly hates me*

*passes out*

Secret hatred is hidden love.


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