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I just think the animation is cute...and it still seems to be friendlier than the "German" style toilets.  Or the Eastern European holes in the ground with crawling centipedes and gypsy murderers waiting beneath.

Zerda, you were in yellow monkey land, let's have your take on the realities of strange otherworldly toilets.

This is indeed an accurate description of the oldstyle japanese toilet, mainly found in public restrooms and airports.  Most other bathrooms offer a choice of oldstyle or newstyle.  Many bathrooms also offer a choice of soothing sounds to listen to while taking a dump.

Really, it's not a bad device.  As my professor once put it, the Japanese toilet is constructed to work with the human body.  Squatting helps ease things out, it is a very natural position, whereas sitting on a European style seat only smooshes your butt cheeks together and makes things more difficult.

Plus your ass never touches anytnhing on a Japanese toilet, so it is more hygienic.

Yeah, I was thinking that the Japanese toilet actually looks like a better idea. And it would give swirlies a whole new name.

I'm just going to squat in the neighbor's driveway every night at 3am.

Could you imagine how much fun it would be to run through a public bathroom and push everyone backwards? Oh the hilarity!


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