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Obama's Fascist TV Takeover Thread

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--- Quote from: RottingCorpse on October 29, 2008, 09:19:24 PM ---That's interesting, considering Caeser was effectively the empire's finest pinnacle and last gasp.

The focus on normal folks of this thing is really effective actually. It illustrates the problems well.

What I like most about Obama is also illustrated. His insistence that any solution to these problems require the active participation of we as citizens.

--- End quote ---

Republic you mean, right?  Not empire.  Because Caesar had nothing to do with empire, but his actions paved the way for the Second Triumvirate.  But, yes, he was the Republic's last gasp.

So Obama's saying what every politician has said since Washington?

Only when tehy cut to him in a faux Oval office set which isn't all that often. It's kind of refreshing how the focus is on the struggles of everyday people.

There's a a lot of stock footage of history and what the country has been through in the past as well. It's inspiring. I'll give him that.

Cutting to a live rally in Florida!

What the country has been through?  Like, for the past few hundred years... Or just recently?  Pictures of people crying on Wall Street and the latest Whazzzup! commercial?

Just stock footage to add a sense of history.

It's manipulative, but in a good way. I'm inspired again. Let';s just hope he doesn't end up being evil.


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