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Obama's Fascist TV Takeover Thread

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Obama introduces people's stories about how they're suffering.

So, it's The Twilight Zone with Obama as Rod Serling.

Wow. It's strangely engaging.

Google's CEO just made an appearance.

Of course it's engaging.  That's his specialty.  In fact, we're going to put him in the White House based solely on that.  

Obama's the end of America, man.  You keep talking about Caesar and Empire... Of our two candidates, Obama is closer to Caesar than McCain.  Young, daring, a great orater, open about his past dalliances, at the head of a powerful and influential force, and a cunning politician.  

That's interesting, considering Caeser was effectively the empire's finest pinnacle and last gasp.

The focus on normal folks of this thing is really effective actually. It illustrates the problems well.

What I like most about Obama is also illustrated. His insistence that any solution to these problems require the active participation of we as citizens.


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