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Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution

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Reginald McGraw:
I've played all the Civilizations...they have taken up many hours of my life.

Currently I'm playing ogame ( is free, online, and not as fancy schmancy graphics-wise.  You're also playing against other people.  I'm in Universe 12!

Universe 12!!!?!

I've played them all, as well... And haven't really enjoyed them.  I'm happier with the Europa Universalis stuff.

However, I dutifully play the Civ games when they come out... So I'll "buy" this one tonight!

Yeah, well... we'll see how long I enjoy this one I guess.  It could definitely become one of those games I put down and eventually sell after a few weeks.  I at least want to keep it long enough to get good at it and try to play online a few times.

Reginald McGraw:

--- Quote from: Nubbins on October 28, 2008, 04:29:27 PM ---Universe 12!!!?!

--- End quote ---

In ogame, wait wasn't this thread called something else?!?  Well, just forget about all that ogame stuff.


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