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Marbozir's Let's Play videos. Next steam satle -- this is mine!

Lukewarm early reviews:

--- Quote ---Finished my first full game of CivBE

Things I've noticed

tile improvements are super important (arguably moreso than civ v)
do NOT attack the wildlife / barbarians (they are functionally different from civ 5 and aren't super aggressive to start with - if they attack you, just walk it off)
Spying got a MASSIVE overhaul. it's now much much closer to what I wanted in Civ5.
Tech web is needlessly obtuse.
Endings are needlessly obtuse.
Quests are neat and bring a lot of flavour to the game.
There's really not a lot of unit diversity.
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---Quick review from first couple hours.

It is a sci-fi reboot of Civ5. It doesn't have the heart of Alpha Centauri. They mixed the bag up a bit and some of the things like quests work pretty awesome but some of them kinda suck. Picking a +1 modifier for every building you build is lame. The tech tree is kind of a mess.
--- End quote ---

Free weekend for Beyond Earth on Steam.

My initial reaction is shocked... This is just Civ 5 with aliens and a less-friendly UI. Glad I didn't spend any money on it! Very disappointed.

Civ 3 was the pinnacle.


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