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Anyone play these kinds of games?  I'm almost positive Nach does.  Sid Meier's pretty much the king of these sorts of turn-based strategy games and this is a decent title.

I've only played it a little bit, but so far it's equal parts building up your city and your armies mixed with bouts of diplomacy, trade and all-out warfare.

Most of the games like this that I've played just require you to build defenses and armies and advance your culture through time, updating everything as you go so that eventually you can crush all your opponents under your military might.  Civilization Revolution is a bit different and offers you a few different ways to win the game.

You can win through total domination by capturing all other cities... but you can also win by advancing your culture to the point that you can build the United Nations or the World Bank.  You can also choose to advance your city's technology to the point where you are able to launch a space mission to Alpha Centauri.  There are many ways to win... it's up to you how you do it.

Other fun bits about this game:  You get to choose your form of government.  Initially, all cities will be ruled under Despotism, but given enough time (and enough advancement of your culture), you can explore ruling under a Republic, Democracy, Feudalism, Communisim... all sorts of things.  And with each form of government come advantages and disadvantages... Democracy, for instance increases your gold and food production, but your citizens will not let you declare war... Communism brings a larger population, but renders any churches obsolete.

Dealing with leaders of other countries can be fun too.  Initially, they will extend their hands in peace, but after a few turns will often begin demanding either your gold or that you teach them things your culture has already learned in exchange for them leaving you in peace.  Napoleon took about 3 turns to start threatening me with war during my first game.  I figured sharing my knowledge of the alphabet with him at an early stage in the game was stupid, so I refused... turns out he was bluffing and he wound up leaving me alone anyway.  Later, he provoked me again wanting me to share my knowledge of Invention and when I refused, he attacked me... I advanced my armies across his border and captured Orleans as my own before he finally backed off.

Anyway... I could go on and on... needless to say, this game is really fun.  It is so huge that it's almost overwhelming.  Moving armies around and keeping track of everything that's going on can be a bit confusing at first and my first couple of forays into this game have been pretty disorganized, but I have advanced my country from the stone age all the way to the information age.  When I logged off last night, my city had expanded into 3 different towns, had discovered nuclear power and were on their way to inventing the internet.

If you're at all interested in these kinds of games, I highly recommend this one.  I'm sure they've got it available on PC.


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