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Reginald McGraw:
From the snopes article (emphasis mine):

--- Quote ---Voting processes vary from region to region, and as far as we know this warning applies only to North Carolina, where, as the Charlotte Observer recently cautioned readers, voters do indeed need to specifically select a presidential candidate in addition to voting a straight ticket
--- End quote ---

Matt -- you voted early?  How'd it go?  And I'll expect a report from you, Cass.

(MD ruled it unconstitutional in 06, so I have to wait.)

It went fine; had to make a minor update to my registration because I've shifted floors since last year (they never keep RAs on the same floor so my address has technically changed). To be honest I'm doing it half because I don't want to get hassled on that day and that's my day for making prints for my photo class and the other half is that I want to piss off every one of my friends and co-workers who told me that voting early is "un-American."

I have to admit I got a very big thrill as I bubbled in (it's a scantron) the bubble for Barack Obama and Joe Biden. :)

Did the pencil graphite migrate to the McCain/Palin bubble?


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