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Debate 3: The Search for Spock

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nacho: foruminging the debate.  Because I'm loaded on gin and ready to watch choppy video on CSPAN and lose interest after 13 minutes and watch NCIS instead.

Ready...go!  In...uh...15 minutes.

Tonight's topic:  Domestic and economic (har-har) policy.

Obama:  I will CHANGE all this!!!

McCain:  We've taken strong action with the bailout and that's why the Dow continues to fail and everyone has been reduced to growing chickpeas on their cold balconies.  Also -- Palin's hot, so vote for me.

America:  *votes McCain*

Well, no, I'm being cynical.  In truth, Obama's even leading with people who answer "yes" to the question: "Do you hate niggers?"  The only way this debate can go wrong for Obama is if he starts wandering aimlessly without a microphone while making modern-era racial slurs and cackling like a goblin.

I'll be leaving at ten to watch South Park, because hey, I know who I'm voting for.

Nader's Raiders 4 LYFE!

Oh, man, is Nader still alive?  Skynet's been sending Terminators back to get him for almost 30 years now.

(By the way, Skynet made number one in List of the Day's Top 10 Worst Time Travelers.  And I agree, because, really.)

I mean, we can totally devolve into an SCC discussion if you want.

You know, I'll actually be interested to see what the third parties do this time around. Barr and Nader are getting NO media coverage.

Barr may still get my vote.  Just because Reggie is the only person helping me with my storage cleanout!

*accusing stare*

I'm watching MSNBC's footage now...which is funereal.  Silence, people staring at the podium...

Oh!  There we go.


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