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Helena looks like she's about 12 years old next to him. What, is he a seven footer or something?

New Helena episode is up. This month is an interesting treat I guess.

Last fall 'Helena' was "commissioned" to do three video shows to be included on an online horror channel showing independent horror films. (I use the word "commission" lightly because it was a zany, back end profit deal that all but guaranteed we'd never see any money even if the parent company made some.) The idea was that these segments would be spliced in with the actual movies. The project died before it really ever got of the ground and we were stuck with three videos that we actually worked pretty hard on... sort of.

Anyway, here's one of the vids we did. It's 'Helena' actually, you know, horror hosting. Imagine it.

Another unaired Helena, Hussy of Horror video. Enjoy!

Her Hussiness got tapped to do an intro for this year's Madison Horror Film Festival. Here's what she did!


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