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--- Quote ---I am a crazed movie buff. I love nothing more than watching a well-handled story set upon the silver screen. Over the years I’ve fashioned what I believe to be a pretty wonderful and geeky Top 50 Movies List of my own, one that carries several gems people would probably scratch their head over.

Unbreakable, starring Bruce Willis, Sam Jackson and directed by the M. Night Shyamalan, is one of them!

And now news of a sequel? Say it is so, Mr. M. Night, sir!

Unbreakable is one of those movies I am comfortable in saying was “ahead of its time.”

When it was released in 2000, audiences were craving another film similar to The Sixth Sense and were ultimately unprepared for M. Night’s second movie. Movie goers didn’t understand the departure. I heard it all over the place. “Comic books? I’m not interested in comic book movies? Comic book movies are stupid. Boy, M. Night really stunk it up with that one. Man.”

Now, eight years later, Unbreakable is considered by many to be the best movie M. Night has written and directed. The themes of this “comic book movie” run deeper than people saw at first, and the story and performances were outstanding. What many people may still not know is Unbreakable was always meant to be the first movie of a planned three or four movie set, the first of which is the origin story of David Dunn (Willis). Movie Two would feature David Dunn fighting general evil-doers and Movie Three would bring him full circle to confront his archenemy.

But after Unbreakable bombed at the box office, M. Night was “pettily” angry. He had no interest in writing Unbreakable II because no one would allow him the ability to produce it. People wanted more movies like The Sixth Sense at that time and M. Night had to give it to them in Signs.

In those intervening eight years though, something happened. The fantasy and comic book movie genres literally grew thousands-fold and people have readily embraced that good solid movies can be comic book or fantasy movies (Batman Begins, LOTR).

Well, the circle has come around again finally and good news for fans of Unbreakable was released today!

Sci-Fi Wire interviewed M. Night about the release of his newest DVD today and he mentioned possibly going back to Unbreakable II!

Am I excited? Oh yes, you better believe it!

What do you think about this? Have you seen Unbreakable? What did you think of it? Would you want to see a sequel and the inevitable expansion into the trilogy it was always meant to be?
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Nice!  I loved Unbreakable.... awesome movie.

I also agree that Unbreakable is M. Night's best work.

It is.  It's a perfect  movie.  Which I may or may not write about Thursday on the front page of this page called Good Society.

Unbreakable II - This Time He Breaks!


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