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Tina Fey Worship Thread

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Like the moose getting shot out of nowhere? And Palin's just kind of bobbing her head and smiling blankly? God. What a dolt.

Yeah exactly. But ignoring Palin, Amy Poehler was awesome. I thought the dancing moose and the Eskimos added a nice touch. I think my "favorite" part was when she said for all the mavericks in the house to put their hands up. Palin raising the roof was amusing.

While the rap was funny, it still has nothing on the rap that Natalie Portman did a few years ago. ( just in case nobody has clue what I'm talking about)

Oh, man.  That clean cut white girl "Harvard posse" is hilarious.

In fairness to Tina Fey and "all of them", if you value the right of a woman to control what's going on inside her body, Sarah Palin's done and said some pretty offensive things. Such as charging women for rape investigations.

I'm pretty sure Palin has raped a moose before. From a helicopter. After she put lipstick on it.

Uh... Wait.


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