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So I downloaded the Global Frequency pilot based on the Warren Ellis comic. I don't think this was aired anywhere, so thank god I'm on the global frequency and can get this shit.

Michelle Forbes is in as Miranda Zero, and that's some perfect casting right there. The pilot was panned and, so, died before it even hit the tube but, hey, I liked it. Loved the comics, and liked the pilot in a sort of lukewarm "Oh, neat," way. I would have dived in if it went to a series.

So here's the thing -- why not try harder for this stuff. Ellis hits and he hits hard, finally, so now the attempt to turn his work into a TV series...and he has a few that could do well. But the fumble Global Frequency? The comic was begging for a weekly series. It's an obvious jump.

What they did was take it too seriously, I think. Tried to be "we're a TV series based on a comic book so we'll make a billion just like daddy Spiderman."  Oh, god, Mr. TV Executive -- nyet! Nyet, nyet. Just give us the Frequency and some weekly sci-fi story helmed by the unflappable Miranda Zero. Give us mystery and action. Don't try to include some gigantic comic-geek subplot. Come to the masses...come to me...

Ah, too late.

Writing is okay, complete with Buffyisms, but it's sort of story-by-numbers stuff (despite a cool fight scene where Cox gets to beat up the Marines). Ah, our hero and the girl are sort of simple, though.  Still, it deserved a chance to breathe.

Ah-ha! Good news!


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