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Holy shit... it's Terror Xchange!  Sort of!

It appears to be a stock market for election predictions... only you fund your account with real money.  I signed up for this never imagining that I'd be prompted to actually back my purchases with real money.  I just assumed it was play money like Terror Xchange was... doesn't seem to be the case.

Anyway, check it out... They've got Obama solidly leading McCain on their markets, but I guess all that could change.  I bet this site was a lot more interesting to play with 10 months ago when there were about 40 people running for president.

aha... try this link... I think maybe we can play with fake money this way:

So I'm told they're using real money because in theory, it makes the graphs and charts more accurate since people are using their own money.  Makes sense I guess.

Holy shit... you can buy stock in ANYTHING on this shit.... amazing.

Like... there is a Palin/McCain love affair stock.


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