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Allergies or Death Flu?

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I think I caught a cold from my cats.

Seriously. Last week, one cat started sneezing and dripping snot. We took it to the vet and he said, "Kitty cold. As long as the cat eats, all is well." These cats wold eat if bleeding from both eyeballs I think.

Anyway, that cat got batter, but now the other three have started sneezing.

And I woke up this morning feeling like my glands were filled with battery acid. I hate being sick more than anything, so I'm OD-ing on Vitamin C and apple juice.

Reginald McGraw:
I have evil death cold as well.  Boo.

I don't know what I have.  Last night I woke up choking and gasping for air.  But that passed quickly.  Now I'm just running constantly at the nose with a dry cough.  A junior version of what I had the other week.

Speaking of which -- co-worker infection count now stands at six employees and two of their children.

Hay guyz! All's sunny and healthy here on the west coast!

Surf's up, dudes!

Yeah, on Sunday, I went to the beach and then I lounged in my friend's pool till midnight.  It was such a beautiful day.  Sorry to hear you guys are sick.


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