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I have season 2 and 3 of this, I think.  Season 3 was pretty good, but the first few episodes of 2 were rough as hell.

You haven't watched the whole series?  Oh man... It's a completely different show after season four.

And watch seasons one and two with the commentary track on.  It's (a) funnier than the show and (b) incredibly addictive.  Basically, they spent the first two seasons drunk and insane all the time.

Then they got big and did that minor reboot in season three.  And then they just wheeled off into great times.  Seasons four, five, and six are astounding.  Season seven is where they started to fall, and season eight is horrific (though more watchable than the first two).

A "viral" video from Dave TV:

So I'm pretty excited about this... The more I see the more it looks like classic RD...which is what I want.  No updates and fancy shit, please.  Just more of the same.

Going to rush home and get this in me... After I consume plenty of wine.  I'm prepared to declare it holy and genius and look forward to tearfully posting about disappointment later tonight.


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