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Red Dwarf: The Promised Land (the unofficial season 13) is both amazing and terrible...for the same reasons!

We finally learn about what happened to the cats. This has been something fans have speculated jokingly about for 32 years and, in the movie, we get a snoot-full with a much larger than usual budget. It's well done, there are lots of laughs, and it's again wonderful to see the old crew together.

My problem: The show has ignored the fate of the cats for 32 years. Suddenly reviving deep track season one stuff for the movie feels a little bit like, oh, okay. Now you're finally running out of ideas. Even though we don't care about that! We just want to see everyone fuck up and take a bazokoid to a metamorph!

Anyway, not the worst Red Dwarf, not the best, but I remain loyal and am glad I got it. Keep it coming! 


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