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update to TFA:


--- Quote ---UPDATE II: From a concerned citizen:  Hello. I just got off the phone w/the appropriate authorities as well as the film company and the first thing that was said to me is that no big explosion for filming has been approved nor would it be since 9/11.

The film crew said there would be sculls on the river but there will be only a flash of light and a puff of smoke (they’ll work on effects in studio) but no, no big fire ball lasting 2-3 minutes. I was told if I blinked I would miss the flash of light.

--- End quote ---

"Hey guys, I can't come hang out tonight since 9/11."


Good night Vertigo...


--- Quote ---Vertigo Books has just announced that it is closing. Very sad news as the bookstore had an awesome staff, offered a great selection, and produced interesting readings each month from well-known authors and should-be-well-known authors. They championed African-American literature in particular and had close ties with the DC-area community. They defined the independent bookstore. In an e-mail sent out this afternoon, the shop’s owners write:
--- End quote ---

Yeah, I got the news through their mailing list.  Pickings in there sometimes felt pretty desolate if you wanted something other than their specialties.  They had a similar focus to Busboys and Poets store, and they had some really great author readings.  It's a shame they never connected better with the college population.  (They're on the south border of college park campus, right next to the nearest 7-11, wawa, and most of the watering holes.)


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