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Reginald McGraw:
Trump pledged DC statehood?

All post-election stuff I've seen is DC leadership backing away from anything like that and preparing to hunker down for the next 4 years.


--- Quote from: Reginald McGraw on November 15, 2016, 06:50:26 PM ---Trump pledged DC statehood?

--- End quote ---

Well... In the same way he pledged everything else:

--- Quote ---ďI would like to do whatever is good for the District of Columbia because I love the people. You know, it's funny. I've really gotten to know the people, the representatives, and the mayor, and everybody. They're really special people. They're great. And they have a great feeling. So I would say whatever's best for them I'm for.Ē Ė Trump being interviewed by Chuck Todd on Meet The Press (2015).

While speaking to the Washington Post Editorial Board on March 21, 2016 Trump said about DC Statehood "I think statehood is a tough thing for D.C. I think itís a tough thing. I donít have a position on it yet. I would form a position. But I think statehood is a tough thing for D.C." and "I donít see statehood for D.C." When asked about granting DC residents about a vote in the House of Representatives he responsed "I think thatís something that would be okay. Having representation would be okay."
--- End quote ---

One of our local mysteries!

--- Quote ---Janet Mihalyfi can picture her dog, Havoc, wandering somewhere in Rock Creek Park, his black-and-tan fur matted as he plods through soggy leaves.

The image is clear in her mind, even though she hasnít seen the 7-year-old Rottweiler with her own eyes since he went missing on a Bethesda trail in November 2013.

Over the past three years, Mihalyfi has devoted more than $40,000 to looking for him across Washington, D.C., Silver Spring and Chevy Chase. Sheís stapled thousands of signs to poles and even sent up drones to scan the parkland.
--- End quote ---

Much more at the link -- she's not entirely crazy. Havoc has been sighted now and again: http://www.bethesdamagazine.com/Bethesda-Beat/Web-2016/Three-year-40000-Search-for-Dog-Continues-in-Bethesda-Silver-Spring/

Wow...gentrification at work. Street views comparing 2007 to 2017:



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