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Well, Spore was a let down.  So next up is the OCtober 7th release of Fallout 3, from Bethesda.  Oblivion with guns!

All the best of the first two Fallouts are in place (including a beefier Dogmeat that can actually go off on errands for you) and the somewhat open universise of the Morrowind games.

I am, of course, a huge Morrowind and Oblivion this one I'll probably pick up without thinking about it.

I'm working my way through Oblivion now.  I'm stuck in hell or something.  Oblivion kicks the shit out of Morrowind (so far) just because it throws you right into the action... I can still run around and pick berries or whatever, but at least it's not a prerequisite for cool battles and shit.

I will probably pick this up too just because PS3 is sorely lacking in the RPG department. 

Man, I still have Oblivion on my hard drive.  It took me a year and a half to finish the main storyline... Just because I got so involved in the side quests.  Thieves guild, mages guild, and the fucking Dark Brotherhood were the best.  I loved the Dark Brotherhood quest.  Even the piddling little townie quests were fun.

And it's the only game I've played start to finish without cheating.  I cheated for the Morrowind finale...because that was stupid.  You need this and this and this together and do this at the right time and spin around and stand on your head.

Fuck that.  Oblivion's finale is dragon apocalypse freak out!

Yeah, the enemies are way better in this one so far.  They're tough, but beatable if you use some strategy.  The sneak feature is KEY.  I felt like a lot of Morrowind was running into a forest or a cave and then being ambushed.

I'm so glad sneak is fixed.

You've done the mission to get Nocturne's skeleton key or whatever, right?  That's the most crucial item in the game -- an unlimited, 100-level lockpick.  In fact, do all the demon quests...or whatever those guys are.  You get a list of their shrines early on, and they're all pretty much worth it.  Weightless swords, that lockpick, etc...


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