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More about what I've brought up before, that people's mental/psychological makeup determines, in part, how they view political issues and who they like to vote for.  Shouldn't be seen as a comprehensive answer, but he makes a lot of good points, especially when he talks about visiting sexist, socio-religious communities in India and getting along with his hosts.

What Makes People Vote Republican?

--- Quote --- The Democrats must find a way to close the sacredness gap that goes beyond occasional and strategic uses of the words "God" and "faith." But if Durkheim is right, then sacredness is really about society and its collective concerns. God is useful but not necessary. The Democrats could close much of the gap if they simply learned to see society not just as a collection of individuals—each with a panoply of rights--but as an entity in itself, an entity that needs some tending and caring. Our national motto is e pluribus unum ("from many, one"). Whenever Democrats support policies that weaken the integrity and identity of the collective (such as multiculturalism, bilingualism, and immigration), they show that they care more about pluribus than unum. They widen the sacredness gap.
--- End quote ---

ouch.  I have no idea how to combat that pluralism vs sacred unity.  That could keep me up at night.


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