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Sarah Palin Picture thread! All Access, Full Anal!

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Her pot-bellied eldest daughter is hot, too.

Doesn't one of her kids have Downs Syndrome?

It's either that one in the center bottom or else they left that one at home that day.


--- Quote from: RottingCorpse on August 29, 2008, 01:42:58 PM ---Doesn't one of her kids have Downs Syndrome?

--- End quote ---

The newest one does.  Born just a few months ago.  She's proudly said that, even though she knew the kid had Downs Syndrome, she didn't get an abortion. know, who cares?  McCain and Palin are making that the centerpiece of her "family values" ticket.

This abortion issue is just so...Well, 70's.  So it's sort of not making sense anymore.  She could go either way and my response would be, well, okay.  So, anyway, where do you stand on the economy?

By the way, let's talk about a new mother of a special needs child going on the campaign trail.  That's nuts!

She returned to work three days after giving birth, as well.  I assume she didn't drown the kid in the ocean.


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