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So, we all love yotoc.

I am hot and sexy for him.

He gets all gay for me.

But what about you guys?

You're starting to remind me of one of my old friends. He used to be like you with the constant "homo" "gay" "fag" references etc. He had two girlfriends, one of with which he had constant sex.

Then he came out of the closet earlier this year. It turned out that he appeared to be so homophobic because he was terrified that he was gay. He was desperate to live a "normal" life. He began to think he was gay when he was about 13 years. It took him 6 years to come to terms with it and accept it.

He placed principle chair in every honor band he's been in and he's already composed a few symphonies. I wouldn't doubt that he's one of the top 10 saxophonists at the college undergraduate level. I expect he'll be a big name in the saxophone world within 10 years.

Just a side-note.

So what provokes the yotoc-love-fest? You're not getting blowjobs for free, are you? I begged yotoc for months and all he did was break my heart at the bottom of a bottle of Vodka. I'm going to PM nacho.

"Dear Nacho,

Yotoc broke my heart. I love him. I just... I can't...



Thank you monkey!, I love you too.

Nothing is going to be fixed until we move to Bluehost.

I have too many things with and to worry about right now.

How's the experience with Bluehost going so far? My end has gone swimmingly.


--- Quote from: Tyson ---How's the experience with Bluehost going so far? My end has gone swimmingly.
--- End quote ---

Once I got that problem that I talked to you about earlier I've had no problem.  I'm just trying to figure out what to do with a three year old install of postnuke that has been crippled by idiots then patched together as a site that will run long as you don't ever touch it.


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