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iPhone 3Gee!

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I don't have one, but our sound guy did on set and I loved it.

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All right. All right. Fine. I'm on it.

My office-mate/landlady just gave up her iPhone because the forced AT&T service sucks in DC.  If you're in DC or greater met, then you want Verizon.  Or else you can have your nice, crippled iPhone that doesn't work 80% of the time.

But DC is currently caught up to 1970.  So, perhaps, by the 2050's, it'll be okay to use a 2008 standard iPhone.

I figure in two years, AT&T should have better 3G coverage. And that's when I'll get the iPhone generation 3 - cheaper than both the first two.

I'm thinking of getting the new 3G iPhone.

Don't they have a plastic back, Tyson?

Also, how have you been dealing with these rumoured app crashes and poor 3G sensitivity problems?

Nope -- metal back. Feels like a solid slab of steel in your hand. It's very nice.

Uh... What app crashes and 3G problems?

The New York Times app is the only app that crashes on me but that's because it was written by a four year old. 3G works great for me, so whatever.


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