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Okay, I just spent the morning cleaning out my Gmail, and have started queuing up the "Sunday Archive" series.  So far, I have 13 weeks set up!  And much more to come.  It'll start this weekend.

These mostly include shit from 2004 onwards, though I will dig up some older stuff from Plutonium Empire once I'm done with Gmail.  So, right now, we'll see lots of stuff from my "email dream diary," Oscar Bin Laden outtakes, notes to myself and half finished articles,  book proposals, etc.

Sometime this weekend, I'll also unearth the Boble and set that up for Wednesdays, again programming well ahead so I don't have to think about it.

It lives! It lives!!!!!

We can start doubling up the WS blog here too on Tuesdays if you want. I keep up with that pretty regularly.

You mean repost the WS blog on GS? 

I've been doing pretty well with the front page.  But I've long threatened to post the Boble, and all this archival stuff is fun to go through... I don't know, people may hate it.  A bunch of years old, unedited, half finished stories...

I'm always thoroughly entertained by Nacho's front page articles, even when he's ranting about his commute and threatening to show up to work in a rabbit suit and a shotgun. It's that much better when you're at work, too, because it looks so innocent, at first. Wakka wakka wakka!  :shaking2:


--- Quote from: nacho on July 03, 2008, 02:10:39 PM ---You mean repost the WS blog on GS? 

--- End quote ---

Sure. I mean if you want the content. If not, no worries.


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