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I really am bored... So here's this:

The fall of the empire -- stories about the end of America -- bankrupt states, bankrupt politics, unemployment, and freakout.

Dead people roundup. -- Obits and so on, instead of a new thread for each British actor and former president that keels over.

Garbage World, which is the thread I just started for "casual pollution" stories like people who put their motor oil in Lake Tittywaca because that's what daddy always did.

Archeology For all of your page 20, small print stories on new archaeological finds. (And theories on the unknown!)

America: 2012 primarily about the Open Skies agreement, but also generally about EU hegemony here in poor little America.

Black Gold & Green Earth Oil news, and alternative energy.

Tales from Mother Russia Tsar Putin and the coming global conquest.  Hope you all like boiled cabbage.

Dying Alone, sad suburbanites with no friends lie undiscovered and munched on by cats for days, months, years, and occasionally decades.

Back to the Mattress (second thread) America's economic woes.

Bush Admin news Mainly focused on domestic policies and carious horrors.

Stupid headlines Just a collection of idiot headlines and typos from the modern media.

RC's book of killers -- Serial killer news from around the world.

Warchild -- Gulf War/Afghanistan news from the post-surge era (2007-onwards).

Dreaming of Mother Abigail -- The super-virus news thread.

The Republic is Burning A poor attempt to gather theory and opinion (and news) on how the American Century is well and truly over.

Euro Me News on the Euro and EU in general.

DC Metro Where you can post my obit when my train runs into a cinderblock.

Olympic Hell

The Hadron Collider

That's saved me from reading all those threads!

Summarize, pls.

You need a section for stupid criminals.

Start a thread!


--- Quote from: nacho on September 10, 2008, 10:47:35 AM ---Start a thread!

--- End quote ---

I need to know how to post a pic in a thread first. Can I use an image host or is there somethign else I must do?


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