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The Passage ends next week and it's been consistently good all season. They've sore of cherry-picked the best stuff from the first two books which means the only possible option for season 2 is the 100 year time jump... But, well, that might work. It'll be interesting to see how they pull it off.

So Z Nation -- set three years after the apocalypse -- is really retarded. I could never really get into the "zom-com" aspect of it (a genre that as overdone before it even started).

Z Nation was cancelled last year and Netflix gobbled up the rights, putting together the prequel series Black Summer.'s amazing! It's what Fear the Walking Dead should have been. Set during the apocalypse, it's more just a straight up zombie show. We follow an unrelated and scattered group of survivors all heading to the advertised sanctuary spot via several different paths. It's all quite simple, paint by numbers shit... But that's fine! It's a zombie apocalypse show! All they have to do is have scary monsters, likable and doomed survivors, and fun sets. And they do all of that without the navel-gazing of Fear or the convoluted retardation of TWD and, most importantly, without the comedy of Z Nation. 

Eight episodes, half an hour each. It flies by and is worth the watch.

War of the Worlds reboot roundup!

The British reboot, which puts us in Victorian England and tries to stay loyal to the book, is abysmal.

The Epix reboot, which takes us to the modern day with a global cast, is okay! Two episodes in. Episode one is the slow set-up and rather overlong intro to the rather overcrowded cast. But that's okay because they don't fuck around too much. we get to Murderdeathkill by the end of it.

Episode two is good, too.

Pretty much everything is out the window in the Epix reboot. These aren't martians, and they're robots or something. There's some loosey goosey things like a blind chick can pick up their signals and shit. It's supported entirely on apocalypse adventure and a strong ensemble.

I have started to notice that some older school UK actors don't translate well to modern TV. We have Stephen Rea in The Stranger (which is an interesting Netflix show that's trying to be like The Outsider and everything else) who instantly slows everything down with his brooding presence. In War of the Worlds, the anchor is Gabriel Byrne. SO I love Byrne. But... Like everything he touches slooooows down. And that's not quite welcome when alien war machines have just executed a 5 year old girl and there was an insane fire fight in the scene before.


Smash-cut: Gabriel Byrne walking in the park musing about the nature of the attack.


Smash-cut: Gabriel Byrne makes tea


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