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End Game: May 13-June 3

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Okay!  Here we go.

To get the official nomination, Obama currently needs 155 more delegates.  The counts below are not what the states are worth because of the retarded "superdelegate" thing.

May 13th:  West Virginia.  28 delegates have not yet declared.

May 20th:  Kentucky & Oregon.  103 delegates remaining.

June 1: Puerto Rico.  55 delegates remaining.

June 3:  Montana, South Dakota.  31 delegates remaining.

In addition to those counts, there are 48 superdelegates who have not declared for either.  Normally, we'd have to wait till August to see all of that, but this is the New Insane Election.

Hillary currently leads in West Virginia, so the totally fabricated myth that West Virginia somehow decides the presidency will keep her afloat for even longer.  So we're back to the numbers game.  Please, please get 155 more delegates to Obama so Hillary can shut the fuck up and die.

Reginald McGraw:
Hmm...seems unlikely that he'll get it on the states alone.  He'd have to win a little over 70% of the vote per state (on average).

But if we give him a very conservative half of the undeclared supers, he needs to average 60% of the vote.  Still pretty high.  Best bet is to keep chipping away at the undeclared supers and try to get bunches.

If he got all the undeclared super delegates, he can split the state delegates and still be the nominee (although, only by a couple...which would really stir things up with the "will someone switch?!?" talk).

Yeah, the superdels will decide things.  If that slows down because of a Hillary rally in West Virginia, I'm going to quietly go insane.

Hillary's such a fucking sore loser that I bet she'll go for Republican VP.

She needs Obama to turn her inside out with one stroke.


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