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Evil Dead: The Musical

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They add a strange depth to Evil Dead 1, as well.  The fifth wheel girl is explained away as Ash's sister... Which makes me want to watch the actual movie again with that in mind.

Oh, brutally graphic tree-rape is omitted.  Shame on them. 

I'm up for this!

--- Quote ---Evil Dead fans rejoice! There's finally an update on the latest film in the horror franchise, Evil Dead Rise. The movie will make its way straight to HBO Max, skipping a cinema release entirely. It will also be produced by New Line Cinema, the studio that released the film that kicked off the whole franchise 40 years ago.

Acclaimed horror director Sam Raimi, who created and directed the three movies that make up the original trilogy — The Evil Dead (1981), Evil Dead II (1987), and Army of Darkness (1993) — won't be returning to helm this one. Instead, he'll join trilogy star Bruce Campbell behind the scenes, as they'll both serve as producers on the project, alongside Robert Tapert, who produced all three movies.

The new movie will serve as a sequel to the original trilogy as it follows a pair of estranged sisters in the city whose reunion is interrupted by the rise of some flesh-possessing demons, forcing them into battle for their very survival. The Mist's Alyssa Sutherland is set to star, along with Picnic at Hanging Rock's Lily Sullivan. Lee Cronin (The Hole In the Ground) will write and direct, having been chosen by both Raimi and Campbell. The movie will shoot on location in New Zealand.
--- End quote ---

Okay, so who's watched the re-re-reboot?

Not yet, but my colleague said he'd go again if I wanted to see it in the Theatre because it' "that good."


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