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Evil Dead: The Musical

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How come I haven't heard of this?  Downloading now.  If I don't pass out in the next hour, I'll start watching it and report back.  Because, wow...

Holy...shit.  Now, I'm really, terribly drunk.  But, let me say, this is amazing so far.  But I do know it should never be watched sober.

It actually has laugh out loud moments... Amazing.

They retcon the whole thing.  It's a combination of Evil Dead 1 and 2 with everything we know from the franchise built in.  So the Bruce Campbell character isn't second fiddle.  He's S-Mart Ash from the get-go.

This is the modern day Rocky Horror.

"Oh, come on.  What could possibly go wrong with five college students breaking into an abandoned cabin in the woods when nobody knows where we are?"


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