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So, next Wednesday night, I'm a guest panelist at the Art Institute of Washington's "Visually Wired" Festival. I got invited about a month ago, but just got the final information today. I'm pretty impressed by the folks I'll be sitting on the panel with:

Jason Johnston
Lighting Technical Director, Pixar Animation Studios

Jim Kreitzburg
Founder, Animal Spots

Byron Lopez
Technical Director, South Park (Comedy Central)

Lonnie Martin
Founder, Ningen Manga

Jason Zielinski
Environmental Texture Artist, Day1 Studios

Mark Ruppert
Creator, 48 Hour Film Festival

Reginald McGraw:
Hey!  Kudos!

South Parks dudes. NICE!

This was a cool event.

You guys would have loved talking to the video game character artist from Studio One who has worked on Ballers 2, Mortal Kombat Armageddon, and Stranglehold. Currently he's working on a game called Fracture. Super cool dude, who got very drunk with me on Tuesday night.

The South Park guy arrived late. Their workflow is crazy. He finessed up yesterday's episode YESTERDAY MORNING, hopped on a plane, and was putting back beers with us by 10pm.

The guy from Animals did all the CGI work for the Taco Bell Chihuahua and the talking cows for the California diary commercials. Very cool guy.

The Pixar guy was cool too. He has some awesome stories about the work he did on Cars and Ratatouille. He actually invited me to bring a copy of WS to screen in Pixar's screening room when it's done. Apparently a lot of  the Pixar animators are big horror fans.

All in all a great networking opportunity.

Reginald McGraw:
Wow!  That sounds awesome.


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