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Bob Barr - The Libertarian Factor

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George Will at Newsweek just did a really good piece on Bob Barr, the likely presdential candidate for the Libertarian Party, and what effect they might have on the election since a lot of conservatives aren't happy with McCain.

You can read it on his website.

Oh, sweet!  Ralph Nader's doppleganger!

Reginald McGraw:
Interesting, he has yet to appear (much less qualify) on the party page.

Of course two others listed there have dropped out and endorsed him.

But hey...whatever keeps me from having to vote for Wayne Allyn Root.

Go Barr! Steal those votes, you beautiful bastard!

TONS of talk about Barr today. (After last night's appearance of Stephen Colbert. Coincidence?)

The idea is that conservative voters who aren't happy with McCain may vote for Barr, creating even more potential "battleground" states. He's getting up to 8% support in some of these states.


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