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It's going to be a while before I can have a Sam again.

This all explains why the douchebag co-worker we have on staff picked up a 12 pack during Christmas break and shared some of it with me.

Mmm... Glass for Matt!

He's a fucking tool, but this is far beyond his intellectual capacity to dream up.


--- Quote ---Buster Martin completed the London Marathon this past weekend in just about ten hours. The 101 year old man set a new record for the oldest person to ever complete the marathon. So, what did he do to celebrate? Have a beer, of course. While it would be logical to assume that, since Martin appears in such great health, he must be a health nut but the truth is actually quite the opposite.

Buster Martin smokes more than a dozen cigarettes and drinks an average of 7-8 full pints of beer β€” usually at least one during a break in the middle of his daily run β€” every day. It truly boggles the mind.

    β€œHe smokes, drinks, stays out late, which is probably why he is still alive,”

Charlie Mullins, the managing director of the plumbing company where Martin cleans vans three days a week told ABC News.

Maybe 7 pints a day is the missing link to my physical fitness routine.
--- End quote ---


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