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Continuing my Becky Chambers reading with A Prayer for the Crown Shy. Book two in this series and while, yes, Chambers is a gifted specfic writer, it's not lost on me that this is a series in which....nothing happens.

Without Warning -- alternate reality PA stuff that was really great.

Finally got around to reading the very last little novella that ends the Expanse series. I wanted more Amos and what happened in the Sol System, instead we get to spend the entire novella with Naomi's son on a podunk backwater. Fine because it's short, but I wish I had just let this one pass by and take the ending in the main books as the official ending.

And just finished this other super short story from Ann Leckie, who I consider to be the spiritual successor of Iain Banks. Didn't like it either! LOL.

So many manuscripts and contest entries to read... I've read a couple hundred hopeful books this summer. In between, I've done some pleasure reading:

New Iberia Blues, classic James Lee Burke. The formula doesn't always hold for his long running Robicheaux novels. This one held up though.

The Guest List, Lucy Foley's much hyped murder mystery really let me down. A weird format that mostly worked....until the end, which she rushed madly into almost as if she'd completely forgotten the build up that came before. Clumsy. At best.

Maybe There - the Space 1999 development/script analysis book. Forgot who got this for me off my wish list, but thank you! This is the behind the scenes Space 1999 book I needed. A fascinating anatomy of the show.


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