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The Good and the Bad
« on: February 14, 2008, 02:14:49 PM »
Thank god!  An update over at Modern Drunkard.  So how about some pocket biopics:

Bridger and his thirst were the center of attention again two years later, at the 1837 Rendezvous. He met up with an old comrade, Capt. Sir William Drummond Stewart, a Scottish lord at large in the frontier collecting animals for a game park he hoped to start back home. The two friends shared a bottle and Drummond presented Bridger with a gift: a full suit of antique plate mail from Scotland. Bridger, good and ripped, donned the armor, including the shield and lance, and spent a merry afternoon “jousting” his fellow trappers.

Being chased around in the heat and stabbed repeatedly in the ass by a huge, drunken maniac in plate mail soon got on everyone’s nerves, and they decided to “settle” Jimmy down a touch. Jimmy, however, was a man who, when in his cups, would very likely refuse to “settle” if settling was not immediately on his mind. It eventually required over a dozen mountain men and trappers, not to mention the assistance of a largish rock, to unhorse Bridger, wrestle him out of the armor, and render him unconscious. The big man awoke a few hours later, headachy and in a snit, and went right after a fresh bottle of bug juice. In no time he was back in his mail, mounted, and galloping through camp, lance at the ready. The others let Jimmy be this time. Subduing him once had been too large an effort.
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