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2012 is Over, but the World is Still Ending

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--- Quote from: nacho on February 20, 2008, 01:51:59 PM ---And, since we've only been measuring it for 400 years, we have no idea what will really happen. 

Nothing is set to happen in 2014!  You want to know where it's at?  2015.  ITER goes live.  Kaboom.


And Voyager 1 is due to finally leave the influence of the sun.  So once it moves past the heliopause, the aliens will take notice.

--- End quote ---

EVerything is set for 2014.

Just you wait and see!

Wait, I knew Earth's poles switched, but I thought it was something that took hundreds of thousands of years to occur, not like a light switch.  Just sort of an oscillation over time.

Maybe I talk to too many hippies, but I see the 2012 "paradigm shift" as a positive thing. A lot of pagan/new age folks believe it's the year that the universal consciousness shifts into balance and humanity begins to achieve it's full spiritual potential.

Or zombies could wipe us all out.

I find the 1 in 45,000 chance that a random 880 megaton explosion may happen kind of frightening.

doh, wrong thread.


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