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File this under "things that make me put a gun in my mouth."

Terminator: Retirement Home


--- Quote from: nacho on May 31, 2019, 10:47:07 AM ---Terminator: Retirement Home

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That made me laugh loud enough that my wife asked what I was laughing at.

Dark Fate: I had to quit after 35 minutes. It fucking sucked. Within the first 20 minutes we got:

1) EVERY famous quote from the first two Terminator movies.

2) EVERY famous scene from the first two movies redone with 2019 SFX.

So, basically, John Conner (CGI'd from T2) dies in the first few minutes. Timeline reboots. The new John Conner is a young Spanish girl who now must be saved by a cyborg human who fills the Michael Biehn role from the original movie. Helping her is a very old Linda Hamilton and, eventually, Arnold as yet another converted T-800 come to save the day against yet another liquid metal Terminator sent by Skynet to kill John's replacement.

The movie is basically T2 Redux with too many characters and an obsession with nostalgia. Awful.


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