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Flying Dog Moves to Maryland

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Oh-ho!  Good news for Maryland...

--- Quote ---Flying Dog Flies it Colorado Coop
December 12th, 2007 · No Comments

Eric Warner, president and CEO of Flying Dog Brewing, announced today that as of January 2008, Flying Dog Brewing Co.will close the doors on its Denver, Colorado brewery and move all of its production to its state-of-the-art brewery in Frederick, Maryland. Rather than invest the $1 million needed to renovate the Denver location, Flying Dog decided to move everything to Frederick, where 70% of the company’s beer is already produced. But the brewery claims increased costs of raw materials, combined with the loss of contracts from smaller craft brewers as the driving force behind the closing of the Colorado brewery. According to the press release issued by Warner,

    “By concentrating the brewing operations in Maryland, we will become a more efficient business, which is very important given the extremely competitive conditions in the craft beer industry,” he said…

    “This year alone, we saw a 20 percent unit growth – our strongest yet. Concentrating our operations at the Maryland facility will allow us to the meet the growing demand by surpassing current production levels.”

But residents of Colorado need not fear, the company will maintain its corporate headquarters in Lower Downtown Denver, and Flying Dog’s 13 craft beers will continue to be distributed throughout the state.
--- End quote ---

Have I had Flying Dog?

You should.

Bring some over, Nacho.

Can't fly with liquids, and carry on baggage is now shot with a machine-gun to make sure it's safe.


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