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Hi, everybody, I've been lurking because it's more fun for me to visit GS that way.  One again, I have decided to make my semi-annual appearance in order to get your opinion on something, especially RC's. 

Ok, a mutual friend of ours is really into horror movies and the like.  He's one of those people who are so confident that he can make a living at it doing what he loves.  Here's where Jon and I come in...ok, mostly Jon.  Our friend is asking for $15,000 to make and distribute a horror film based on his book, "Bloodlust Romance".  He and his wife have had their own record label and they've made another short film, that I've yet to see.  Basically, their pitch is that horror is this underground genre that sells huge outside of the U.S. and at horror conventions.  I don't really know much about it and neither does Jon.  The main draw is that these people are passionate and pretty trustworthy, and that it seems like it could be profitable.  So, is it a good idea to finance this film?

nacho: have 15 grand to invest in something?  Dude, forget the horror movie, come make some money with Pagan Kennedy!  Or put a chunk into Women's Studies.  You'll be more certain of a return from either. 

Seriously, with 15 grand, I'd hire this chick:

And cover the cost of printing.  You get a $4000 guaranteed payment in Feb. 09 (pub date is Sept 08).   After that, you get 40% of my net profits from sales and 30% from all exploitation rights.  Paying out every 6 months. That's for the life of the book and all forms it takes and any reprints, etc.  Like, if I'm in business and the book is in print in 25 years, you're still getting money from it.

In addition, you get the same percentages from Fatal Light, which I'll be funding out of pocket.  So that's a freebie.  You'll also get to hob-knob with famous authors at snooty parties.

Here's Pagan Kennedy:

Here's Fatal Light:

I'll send a proposal your way this week, if you want.

And if you're sold on funding a horror movie -- WS is complete. It's done and in post production.  Talk about good bets.  PM RC, he's back from vacation tonight.

Well, if you've got $15,000 you want to invest in a horror film,I'd LOVE to talk with you.

That said, see how well your folks know the distribution end of the business. Ask them if they think there's a glut in the horror market, and if so, what do they plan on doing to penetrate that. Also ask them what your percentage of return is.

First off, it's Jonathon's money.  I'm just the middle man.  Nacho, can you send that proposal?  RC, we'd like to know what you would want to do too. And what is a glut?  I just read the friend's book and while I could see it become a horror movie, it's pretty damn fucked up.  There is an immense amount of violence against women and to be honest, I don't know if it's something we want our name attached to.  I just keep telling myself that it's horror and it's supposed to make me feel like that.


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