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Let's plan the road trip.  I can chart it by a bunch of weird roadside Americana shit.  Springtime?  Take a week or so off...?

I'm doing a big trip in February, so April would likely be best.

It's only 414 miles to her house, and a pretty straight shot on 95.  Which means US 29 could be an option... I'll see what my maps say, and then I'll try and unbox all of my haunted/weird America stuff and see what grisly murder sites are along the way.

The spring is preferred, since it's in Mass.  So, yes, April or May...

See how I just invited myself along in your life?  I'm moving into your basement next week.

I'm honestly surprised that there isn't a fantastic piece of nonfiction about the case where a reporter went in and dug up everything they could.

It's a pretty well documented case from a journalist standpoint. However, you're right that there's no definitive nonfiction account of the case.


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