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Women's Studies Night at Goatman Hollow


Big WS promotion in PG county in October. Should be a fun time.

--- Quote ---The Women's Studies Cast and Crew will be making a special appearance at GoatMan Hollow, a haunted attraction in Riverdale, Maryland, on Saturday, October 20th, 2007. 

Goatman Hollow is not just a haunted house - it's a theatrical haunted attraction based on the urban legend called: The Goatman of Prince George's County Maryland. Using movie effects and studio lighting, the haunt tells an involving story, performed by improvisational actors along with mystifying illusionists and set in a wonderfully creepy location, complete with hot and cold running chills.

GoatMan Hollow places you into a horror movie setting where your very reaction and willingness to interact helps make your experience one of the most realistic adventures you could ever imagine coming from a seasonal haunted house. It's a theatrical haunted production that will stay with you long after the Halloween season has departed.

So, come out and be scared, meet the cast and crew of Women's Studies, view the official teaser trailer on a big screen, and receive a free giveaway just for coming out to play!

For more information about GoatMan Hollow and to purchase tickets, visit!  Happy Haunts!
--- End quote ---

And it's based on a "real" urban legend. (Is that an oxymoron?)



Next Saturday . . .


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