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Mount & Blade
« on: September 18, 2007, 02:15:46 PM »

So I've been playing this game pretty steadily for about three or four years now (back when it only cost 10 bucks, had six cities, and was all pretty much bland and the same), but eventually got tired of it about six months ago.  Now it's really been revamped with a new version...

Loads of smaller villages and townships to visit.
The existing cities have had slight layout changes to expand them.
There are now townsfolk walking around during the day in the cities.
Merchants are laid out slightly different now, the town trader is no longer the horse merchant (now a separate guy) and you can directly access each merchant from the town menu (hit TAB).
Different towns have different opinions of you, and you can view individual people's attitude to you by mousing over their portrait in the conversation window.
Horse stats have been altered, and the horses seem even more responsive now.
A bunch of new graphics options, including actor detail, environment shadows and auto-scaling.
The combat engine has been optimised, and the speed of combat can be altered in the options.
You can now pick up dropped weapons and shields in combat.
Battle size now maxes out at 72 instead of 48.
Certain heads in character creation mode are limited to certain hair colours.
World map camera rotated to sit lower and give a better view of the map.
World map has a 3d compass that stays on screen at all times now instead of being a static object off in a corner of the map.
Villages can be looted, by yourself and by others (you'll see notifications about which village and who did the looting).
2 new factions, The Kingdom of Nords, and the Kingdom of Rhodoks.
The Khergit Khanate is now an actual faction you can join.
Food choices now have an effect on overall party morale.
Morale effects how quickly you move on the overworld map.
Tutorial mode is totally separate from the main game now.
Quick battle mode.
Quest Log screen now has a huge plethora of info, like who's in control of which city, which faction that person belongs to, how much food the city has, etc.
You can earn the right to bear a banner, which among other things displays over your head on the worldmap.
Cities fly the banner of their occupying general on the worldmap
You can apparently gain fiefdoms, (speculation based on the new logbook screen under your name's entry).

I'm going to run home and get back up to date.