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It's like George Lucas in Love and his fixation with a seemingly impossible to create "agricultural space tragedy."

Yeah, Ellison and Whedon are the same way and it baffles me. They seem so shocked when the studios/networks want to fuck it up. I'm like, "Really? How long have you been in this business?"


--- Quote from: nacho on February 14, 2011, 11:57:35 AM ---Oh.  Look at that:

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Talk about a website you can lose some time in!

Yeah, no shit. Except I've spent a couple hours tracing the Hapsburg genealogy...

Man... I really wanted a straight-up remake just so we could get a better version of the battle at the mountain camp from the original series/

(Yes, I got sidetracked last night and today and started watching the first season of BSG.)


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