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Anything with Laura San Giacomo is alright in my book.  Rwooorww.  Yes, of course the Eastwood collection.  But don't forget Hondo, Big Jake and of course my favorite just because its hilarious "The War Wagon"  The Duke and Kurt Douglas pretty much fucking with each other the whole time.
I have to agree about Open Range, not well received, but very good.  Much better than Unforgiven which should not have won the Oscar.  Don't get me wrong I'm a huge Eastwood fan but it wasn't Oscar worthy.

Unforgiven was a throwaway movie... Now I'll upset you -- I don't like the John Wayne westerns.

Must Kill!  Must Kill!  Well how about Kevin Costners Wyatt Earp, what did you think of that?

I didn't like Costner's Earp.  Partly because my girlfriend at the time loved it.  Partly because Costner is a pretty boy who doesn't belong in a Western.

"John Wayne was a fag." -- that movie that quote comes from is a classic IMNSHO.

Oh, fajwat... We return to Open Range.  Watch that before you denounce Costner in westerns.

I didn't like Earp, either.  Because...uh...Costner's a pretty boy who doesn't belong in westerns.


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