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So... Czech beer that's not from the tap in the Czech Republic is just the corpse of a beer in a glass coffin.

Those of us who have been to the Czech republic to prove just that theory -- discuss!

It's true.  Urquell is passable because it's the big import (though it's 100 times better over there), but the other Czech beers, all of which are amazing there, are really crap here.  I found a weird out of the way deli that specializes in eastern european beer imports and, man, what a let down.

Have you been to the Brewer's Art yet?  It's about 40 minutes away, in Baltimore, and was fantastic last I checked.

Hi Americans trying to recreate Belgian beer...which is not all that anyway.

I'm due to meet Pagan Kennedy in Bmore on the 12th.  Might make that the meeting place...

I was there in 2001.  Very hip.  Bar in basement, lounge upstairs, I suppose there's a dining room somewhere upstairs.



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