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War of the Worlds


Best movie I've seen in the theatre in a long time. Spielberg is on top of his game. Cruise is awesome. The effects are just jaw dropping.

I've never read Wells novel, but I have seen the 1953(?) George Pal version of the story which I also recommend. If you get the chance to see it before this new one, do it, as I think it gave me a nice frame of reference with the plot and the "science" so I could just focus on the characters. It really is more about how people react in a crisis than it is about aliens.

Star Wars, Batman Begins, Land of the Dead and now War of the Worlds: This really has been summer of the allegory.

And don't forget to watch the TV series!

Starring Philip Akin, who went on to the Highlander series as Charlie.

Adrian Paul, the Highlander himself, also had a small role in the series.  

The wonderfully slimy Denis Forest launched the second season along with Catherine Dish-dish-disher who played the doctor helping Nick to be human in Forever Knight.

When the fuck will it come out on DVD?  I loved the first season.  The second season was, well, Dark Angel with aliens.  If we're getting Earth 2 then they can sure as hell do War of the Worlds, which had a steady two year run, all the stars from Forever Knight and Highlander and a host of other Oh That Guy's.  There's gore, slime, comedy, romance, Martian warships, laser guns and everyone dies.  You can't go wrong.  44 episodes of love.  





not better than batman, but nacho and i went to see it (at 1130 in the morning for god's sake, post-pancakes and irish coffee) and it was a lot better than i thought it would be.  loved the fire train.

Have not seen it, but want to.  Everything I've heard about it has said:

Movie... kicks ass

Ending... utterly horrible


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